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Enchantments Tutorial

on Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:14 am
Hello today we are learning a bit about Enchantments

Right so first of all everyone already knows Enchantments are a stats boost for Hero/Mercenary.
They consist of few qualities:Green,Blue,Purple,Orange,Yellow,Red= Not available in Ritual.
The maximum amount of Enchantments on unit is 6 and they are unlocked at lvl 30,35,40,45,50,55.

Now what we are looking for is to get Enchantments using Gold.

Step 1: Press to start getting random Enchantments

Step 2: If you got only trash ones that you don't need press
and just repeat the process.
But if you get Purple or Orange Quality ones that you need just tap them and they will go into your Echantments inventory.

Step 3:The other way is to rush and get Enchantments much faster and that is by using 100 diamonds
You will be asured to always get Purple or Orange is lucky aswell Shards wich can be used to buy Yellow Enchantments that are not available in Ritual.
Sometimes by using it has the chance to unlockwich got a high chance to give you Purple,Orange Enchantments aswell Shards & Mana Source.

Trick: So you don't have to wait for the Ritual to finish after you have pressed tap the button.

Guide made by DarkPaw 109-US East
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