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Ltd Time Store Tutorial

on Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:40 am
Hello today we are learning a bit about Ltd Store

Ltd Time Store opens 2 times a day from the following ingame hours:

Everytime it opens you can go to:

Then to Time to get Energy you will receive 5 Bottles of Energy a total of 10/day

Now these are the items you can find at the store it's random so sometimes you might not get anything good to buy.

Now remember some items cost Diamonds and some just Gold what we are looking to buy are the ones that cost Gold, important items that can bring you value and improvement wich are:

You can aswell buy Purple/Orange Talent scroll to improve your Mercenary but id suggest getting Orange Talent above lvl50 when you get stronger Mercenarys as you start getting more Gold.

Remember to Always buy from Ltd Time Store whenever it's opened as it only last 1 Hour

Guide made by DarkPaw 109-US East
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